YDSA Membership is accompanied by a range of benefits to support our Members throughout their professional careers:

  • Increase in business – Due to increased public confidence in using a YDSA Member.
  • Credibility – Qualified trained Members have credibility within the industry and are encouraged to make full use of a well-established and recognised logo.
  • New Members – Receive a Membership certificate, ID card and Welcome Pack.
  • Network of other Members to contact for advice, information, opinions and, access a members only forum.
  • Training – Access to our range of courses run throughout the year, including: professional seminars, workshops, conferences, Annual AGM and, virtual and hybrid meetings - with guest speakers, specialist visits and field visits. Please see the Courses & Events page for upcoming events.
  • Help and Legal Advice – Available through a knowledgeable secretariat and Committee.
  • Code of Practice – Clients and Members have access to our YDSA company standards.
  • Access to up-to-date information – Through our bi-monthly newsletter and regular mailings.
  • CPD points system – A Continual Professional Development programme to give credibility to Members' professional standing.
  • YDSA advertising – Via our social media platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Dedicated website – Once you have achieved one of our three grades of professional membership, you will appear in our website directories Find a Surveyor and/or Find a Designer. These directories allow members of the public to search for you by name to obtain your contact details or to search for a list of surveyors or designers in their area or who work with a certain material.
  • YDSA Large Yacht Group – YDSA Members can apply to join the YDSA Large Yacht Group which focuses on vessels over 24m.
  • ABYA – Access to our sister Association, The Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents, to assist with yacht broking and sales issues.
  • Tonnage measurements – YDSA Members can apply to become tonnage measurers - undertaking measurements for clients wanting British Registration.
  • Coding under the MCA Small Commercial Vessel codes – YDSA Members can apply to become Nominated Surveyors to undertake this work.
  • Contact and connection with other marine organisations.
  • Discounted Members Rates - Access to a variety of marine companies through generous discount offers.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable Membership Co-ordinator providing information to Members and clients.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in more detail...

To encourage YDSA members to develop their knowledge and expertise, we operate a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system that requires members to gain a minimum of 15 points over a period of 3 years across a range of activities as part of their membership.

CPD points can be gained by attending training courses, seminars, forums, conferences and other events. Events organised by YDSA and by other organisations are valid if they assist the member in his or her professional career.

At least once a year Members will be provided with an update of their CPD points with a breakdown of qualifying courses and events that we know have been attended. Members let us know when they have attended external events they think would qualify so they can be assessed and added to their record.

Please contact us regarding our annual subscriptions and fees.

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