The key focus of the YDSA is to support Members to provide services of the highest standards to clients in Surveying and Designing of commercial and pleasure craft under and over 24m (excluding ships and cargo vessels).

YDSA offers a Code of Practice and Guidance Notes, a Sample Survey Report Pack, a Code of Ethics, a standard Survey Contract, an Insurance Scheme, plus assessment and feedback on reports submitted for membership, plus a range of training events to support members’ development within a training framework for career advancement.  Scroll down for all the forms, fees and payment options.

YDSA has always stood for the highest standards and therefore the attainment of membership is seen as ‘The Gold Standard’.


The YDSA Academy was launched in 2019 and will be adding new modules and practical opportunities as the programme develops.  All members have login details and a personal record of modules completed. 

Please see the Courses & Events page for more details of training opportunities.

Website Directories

Once you have achieved one of our three grades of professional membership, you will appear in our website directories Find a Surveyor and/or Find a Designer. These directories allow members of the public to search for you by name to obtain your contact details or to search for a list of surveyors or designers in their area or who work with a certain material.

Become a Measurer for Registration

To become a Measurer for Registration and perform a Survey for Tonnage and Measurement, you must first become a YDSA member or be a member of our sister organisation, Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents (ABYA).

Once approved as a Measurer for Registration, you may be asked to quote for Registration work. Your listing in our Find a Surveyor and Find a Designer directories will also have a TMS icon and you will be listed in our Find a Measurer for Registration directory.

Please see the Registration pages for more details.

Become a Coding Surveyor

To become a Coding Surveyor and perform Compliance Examinations, you must first be an Accredited YDSA member.

Once approved as a Coding Surveyor, your listing in our Find a Surveyor or Find a Designer directories will also have a LVL1 or LVL2 icon, indicating your coding level, and you will be listed in our Find a Coding Surveyor directory.

Please see the Coding pages for more details.

Associate Members

Associate members are professional organisations or individuals who offer services which are complementary to the membership of YDSA, such as marine insurance, law, finance or in technical areas. Associates are listed on our websites and are welcome at Association events at the discounted member rate.

If you wish to become an Associate member, please contact us using the details below.

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