YDSA Academy

YDSA has launched the start of its training pathway which will enable members to chart their own career progression using on-line modules, practical events and interactive events on-line in due course. Members will also be able to submit other training activities for consideration towards their pathway, leading ultimately to YDSA professional certification for YDSA members.

The first on-line module was made available in July 2019 for members to try out FREE OF CHARGE until January 2020 - more will be following!

YDSA also provides a range of events throughout the year to assist surveyors and designers in their professional development and provide great networking opportunities. Examples include one-day practical visits to a factory or boatyard, our annual London Conference in March and our annual Certifying Authority training day in September.

Some of these events are for members only, while others are open to members and non-members alike. For these events, members enjoy a discounted rate.

12 Mar 2020
HMS Belfast, London

Our 2020 Conference will be held onboard the iconic warship HMS Belfast moored on the River Thames at The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2JH. The event is open to professionals from the marine industry, particularly those involved in surveying of yachts and other craft both above and below 24m. Full programme in due course. Nearest Underground Station - London Bridge

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