YBDSA Bulletin - Issue 06 - ABYA & YDSA Members update

Published: 15 June 20

Welcome from Bas Edmonds

As I sit at my desk in the Glass Works, YBDSA HQ, just starting my second week, I have taken the time to pause and reflect a little on where we are as an Association.

Firstly, I would like to offer all of the very best to Jane in her retirement – as each day passes, it becomes clearer to me how much she contributed to our Association. There are so many little things she did behind the scenes, as well as the obvious front of house work, that went by unacknowledged and built-up the YBDSA to the position it is in today. Thank you Jane!
What is also incredibly pleasing is that I have inherited from Jane a simply amazing team in the office. Although I am still yet to meet all of them, when we have spoken there is a real sense of passion, dedication and willingness to improve the Association which only bodes well for our futures.
I am also very aware that you are all a significant part of the Association and I am very keen to hear what your experiences of the YBDSA have been, where you think we do well and where we could do better. I will be getting in touch with all of you over the coming weeks to introduce a bit more about myself and to ask you for your feedback.
Finally, I hope you are all continuing to stay safe in whatever you do and I hope that we get to meet, whenever that may be.

Bas Edmonds - CEO of YBDSA

MCA Update

The MCA has updated the guidance for certification of Small Commercial Vessels in MIN 612, Amendment 3.

The first principle amendment is that the MCA recognises that there will be ongoing difficulty with arranging survey overseas. Therefore, the MCA is allowing an extension to the short-term certificate (3-month extension). This should be individually applied for by each vessel and is then considered by the Certifying Authority. The YDSA are drawing up a list of information to be submitted as part of that application to help ensure that it is able to consider these efficiently. We will circulate this separately.
The second amendment is that vessels that are unable to be surveyed for their mid-term examination, that if they have to drop out of code, that the Certifying Authority may re-initiate their certification without necessarily having to go through a five-year renewal process. This will again be considered on a case-by-case basis.
The YBDSA has also been consulted on a draft Marine Information Note (MIN) that is being developed by the MCA. The MIN will give further guidance as more lockdown restrictions are lifted as well as recognising the difficulty for overseas vessels. We will share this with all of the members once this has been finalised and published.
Please contact YBDSA HQ if you have any specific questions or examples you would like to discuss with the Team.

Overseas Travel

On Monday, the UK Government updated its advice for those persons returning to the UK with regards to who should self-isolate for the 14-day quarantine period. This guidance can be found here.

Advice for Surveyors & Inspectors

The guidance referenced ship surveyors and inspectors appointed in accordance with Section 256 of the Merchant Shipping Act. The Department for Transport has confirmed that this applies to SCV surveys and therefore surveyors that have been delegated by the MCA to Certifying Authorities. 
The Department for Transport has provided the following response:
“I can confirm that the policy aim was to allow inspectors and surveyors carrying out the duties as required of the MCA under section 256 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 to be exempt from the 14-day self-isolation given the importance of their roles.  If the MCA has outsourced to external suppliers to deliver some of their responsibilities under section 256, then those third parties would still be excluded from 14 days self-isolation as they are delivering the exact roles and responsibilities defined under the original exemptions.”
If you are travelling overseas to conduct a survey or inspection on behalf of the YDSA for the purposes of coding or certification only, then please contact the office who will be able to provide a supporting letter.

BM Guidance

British Marine has been busy working on its own guidance on how to safely return to work for both marine surveyors and brokers. YBDSA has been involved in these consultations, to ensure that they complement our existing advice and guidance for ABYA Brokers and YDSA Surveyors.

The British Marine Guidance can be found here under “Phase 2 of 2”. This page is being updated regularly with new guidance, so is worth bookmarking.

Great News for Charter Companies

The UK Government has continued its gradual opening of certain businesses and has given the UK charter industry some positive news and allowed a partial re-opening. The guidance applies to England only and allows the hire of self-drive or bareboat charter operations. This is great news but could have been better timed with the weather! More details can be found here.

Expert Witnesses - Time for Some Self-improvement?

Bond Solon’s face-to-face expert witness courses are being delivered virtually as live and interactive events. It also offers a number of e-learning courses which experts can complete in their own time and at their own pace.

Further details of all forthcoming Bond Solon courses can be found here.

A Big 'Thank you' From Jane

'Thank you all SO MUCH for your generous gifts - it was completely unexpected.  I have no idea how Kay and Sue managed to keep that quiet and none of you to tell me!  Once the world has settled down again, I hope I will be able to realise a long-held dream to visit Petra.

Thank you too for the lovely messages on Just Giving and especially to those from 'Anonymous' who I cannot thank in person.

I do hope we will be able to hold some sort of get-together in the future but in the meantime the important thing is for everyone to come through the current coronavirus situation.  I wish you all continuing success in your businesses.  Fair Winds!'

 - Sadly, Jane’s retirement party had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Once it looks likely to be able to happen, will update you all accordingly. - 

Free Boat Storage Deal Until End of 2020

Trafalgar Drystack has launched a scheme to incentivise boat sales until the end of June. Free boat storage spaces inside their vast indoor drystack are available for anyone selling new RIBs and motorboats of 6 to 9 metres. Click the photo below to hear Trafalgar Group MD Jonny Boys explain the offer - (opens YouTube video)




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