YBDSA Bulletin - Issue 02, especially for our CA Clients and Nominated Surveyors

Published: 17 April 20


We find ourselves in strange times and we know that our coding clients are unable to go to sea, except for those involved in rescue, Police, ferry or similar work.  Our heartfelt thanks go to those who are still working on our behalf to keep us safe.

As we receive information that is pertinent to our YDSA Certifying Authority clients and Nominated Surveyors, we are adding it to the YDSA Website in a special Coronavirus section (https://ydsa.co.uk/news/?text=CORONAVIRUS). Below are the latest updates and some other items to help you through these times.

Jane Gentry - CEO of YBDSA
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This down time is a chance to ensure your paperwork is up-to-date ready for action as soon as the restrictions are lifted.  Your surveyor has access to the YDSA CA database via a portal which will tell him what stage you have reached, if you owe us a fee or haven’t yet sent us a specific form, so if you can’t quite remember please contact your surveyor to check this for you.  Many surveyors are still able to visit boats where marinas/yards are allowing people in for work purposes only and social distancing is able to be applied.

The YDSA office is still able to receive your forms and payments electronically and allocate these to your vessel.  If you can ensure you have completed everything and sent your payment this will help us enormously to keep everything running for you.  All forms are available on the website plus a link to the payment form.  (Bottom of the coding page – ‘Forms’ and ‘Payments’).  PLEASE DON’T SEND CHEQUES to the office.


Like you, our level of business has dropped drastically to what we would normally see over the Easter period. To protect the staff jobs, you – our clients, and the Association we have set up a furlough system for our staff.

Dawn McNaughtan is off from Monday 20th April and back working on 11th May. Joanne is then off for 3 weeks from 11th May, back in on 1st June. PLEASE USE THE ca@ybdsa.co.uk email address to ensure that whoever is available can see your query.

Both Dawn and Joanne will do their best to address all queries but they do different jobs so some areas will need to be addressed by the other person. Please bear with us in these exceptional times.


If you have a renewal due on your vessel, whether a 5 year, mid-term or annual renewal due (by a surveyor or self-declared) and your surveyor cannot get to you or you cannot get to the vessel, then see MIN 612 and our guidance on our website https://ydsa.co.uk/news/impact-of-coronavirus-covid-19-on-mca-scv-codes-of-practice/. You can apply using the "MIN 612 Declaration - Extension due to Coronavirus" form at the foot of the Coding page under ‘Forms’ to extend your certificate for 3 months (https://ydsa.co.uk/coding/#accordion).


If your LSA is due for service/update then see our guidance on MIN 612 Section 9.2 on our website at: https://ydsa.co.uk/news/impact-of-coronavirus-covid-19-on-mca-scv-codes-of-practice/

An overview of the requirements is set out below to assist you, following a clarification point from the MCA:

  • If it is a straight-forward self-declaration then it should be treated in the normal way – no extra paperwork or tasks for client or YDSA;
  • If it is an extension of a self-declaration because the client can’t get to the vessel, then the YDSA requires the MIN 612 Declaration before issuing the extension as per previous advice;
  • The new clarification is for queries such as when the life-raft servicing is due:
    • This clarification confirms that ALL servicing and equipment expiry dates are to be extended by the 3 months;
    • What is different is that if it is a separate piece of equipment and the vessel would not otherwise need an extension, then the equipment should be stated on the declaration
    • Example: Flares are out of date today but vessel doesn’t need an annual until December. YDSA needs a MIN 612 Declaration which has 'FLARES' written on it.


YDSA CA Nominated Surveyors are reminded to use the portal to check on the progress of clients’ boats through the certification process. This way you can keep a note of which months you need to do inspections so you can book these up well in advance, rather than the panic telephone call – ‘my certificate runs out tomorrow – can you come!’ Just in case you couldn’t find your login, we emailed over your personal login on Thursday, so do check your emails.


There are a number of options being provided by the Government including furlough of employees, the Small Business Grants Fund (SBGF) if you receive Small Business Rates Relief, and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant fund (RHLGF). Your Local Authority should have contacted you by now about the RHLGF and you can fill in the form online to apply. It is based on the rateable value of your property (office).


If a staff member has to stay at home because of contact with someone else who has coronavirus, they are eligible for Statutory Sick Pay. For self-employed people who have to self-isolate they can apply for Universal Credit.

As of Thursday, 16th April the Government has announced a further 3 weeks restrictions. Whilst this may seem a long haul we need to work within the guidelines to ensure that when they are lifted we do not go backwards – the most important thing is for you all to stay safe and well and focus on being ready to go back to work with all certificates in place.

A bonus for the marine industry may be that people are generally appreciating the time spent with family and having more leisure time, so hopefully that will mean more leisure boating and charter holiday bookings in the future.


This is a difficult time and many of you are very concerned for the future of your businesses, one way or another. You may know you are stressed and are not sleeping well, but if you could only sleep better you could cope better. It is a common vicious circle. Rather than resorting to sleeping pills, etc let me share two yoga techniques that could be helpful.

The first is breathing – we breathe using the tops of our lungs only and carry our stress in our necks and shoulders. Lie flat on your back with your feet slightly apart and relaxed so they flop out. Put your arms a short distance away from your body with the palms facing upwards. Be aware of your shoulders – try a little lift and put them back down. Close your eyes and breathe deeply down into the bottom of your belly – if you want to put a hand on your belly to feel it rise, then do so.

Hold that breath for a few moments and then exhale from the belly pushing up through the lungs. Hold on empty for a few moments. Once you get the hang of it you can count – 6 slow counts to breathe in, hold on full for 2, breathe out for 6, hold on empty for 2. Repeat about 6 times. This is very calming and is also beneficial for the health of our lungs.

The other is a relaxation technique – lie as above with your eyes closed. Concentrate your thoughts down into your toes and think (or say out loud) ‘Relax’. Move gradually up your body doing this. You can just do it with your mind or you can do what I do, which is to tense that particular part of my body and release it. By the time you get to the top of your head you will feel more relaxed – you may even be asleep!


Have you read a good book you would like to share with others? – Normally you don’t get time to read much! I have recently really enjoyed Venetian Navigators: The Voyages of the Zen Brothers to the Far North: The Mystery of the Voyages of the Zen Brothers

This is the ‘blurb’ from a well-known online book shop:

“In the 1380s and 90s, Nicolò and Antonio Zen journeyed from Venice up the North Atlantic, encountering warrior princes, fighting savage natives and, just possibly, reaching the New World a full century before Columbus.

The story of their adventure travelled throughout Europe, from the workshop of the great cartographer Mercator to the court of Elizabeth I. For centuries, the brothers were international celebrities, until, in 1835, the story was denounced as a 'tissue of lies' and the Zens faded into oblivion.”

Available in hardback, paperback and on Kindle. It is fascinating to try to unpick the misunderstandings and mis-translations from those times under the guidance of the author Andrea di Robilant. For the nautical amongst you they sailed from Venice in a Cog.


If you have an idea about anything we can do to support you, then let us know. We are doing what we can but we won’t have thought of everything. And we love to hear from you – whether by phone or email. We like to think of the YBDSA as a family – let’s keep the family network going to help us all through this together.


The weather forecast is generally good, spring is springing, so why not get out into the garden and enjoy the sunshine. Click on the image below to read the YBDSA Planting Guide for some gardening inspiration. Stay safe!

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