The future of Inland Waterway sustainability

Published: 23 November 20

“We want to make sure that the inland waterways continue to deliver benefits to society and the economy - and will be sustainable for future generations” – Inland Waterways Association

In order to make sure that the Inland Waterways can catchup and achieve the governments goals to progress to zero CO2 emissions by 2050 The Inland Waterways Association have a few key factors that need to be prioritised;

Firstly, there needs to be more investment into the infrastructure of British Waterways. As a starting point, the association propose that there should be 300 shore power mains connection charging sites dotted across the connected inland waterways network. More charging points will encourage a reduction of emissions from boat owners using stoves for heating and for engines running to charge batteries. The introduction of more charging points would also support the increase in boats that are powered by Electric Propulsion.

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To support propulsion and make it more efficient, a closer relationship working with navigation authorities and investing in a dredging programme will also have additional environmental benefits on water quality and increasing capacity for flood waters.

Additionally, to this, the IWA want to encourage more research into Bio-Fuels and alternative propulsion methods for boats. As existing boats and engines can have a life span of 50 years or more, the investment made to ensuring that they are manufactured, distributed and used with Bio-Fuels can help decrease their ecological damage long-term.

To find out more on this see the IWA’s Sustainable Boating Vision Paper

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