Meet Our New Member: Peter Vrvilo

Published: 15 February 21

As much as we want to celebrate the work of our existing members with our ‘Member of the Month’ the YBDSA also want to take a moment to welcome one of our new members to the association - Welcome Petar Vrvilo to the YBDSA! Petar is a Marine Surveyor who joined us in November and is excited to be a part of the YDSA. 

We started by getting to know the history of experience Petar has had so we asked him to introduce himself. To which we found that Peter’s experience with mechanical maintenance started from a very young age working alongside his father

“Since I was born my father had an authorised Volvo car service” so we maintained which also had boats as well (Volvo Penta). During my life, I spent all my free time at our service with my father so I gained a lot of work experience. I went to mechanic technical high school and graduated in 1996 as a mechanic technician. After high school, I enrolled at the faculty of Mechanic Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split, graduating in 2002.”

In 2003 Petar expanded his business to yacht servicing where he also opened a yacht service at Marina Kastela in the town of Kastela which works until today.

“In 2009 I started cooperating with insurance companies as a yacht damage assessor. In 2011 I submitted an application for the status of court expert for the field of mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, and I received it (after the case law) in 2012.”

Petar continues to add that after liaising with insurance companies, he went on to further his studies. In 2013 he enrolled at the Faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Split where he majored in Naval Engineering, which he completed and obtained the academic title of Master of Naval Engineering.

“During the last 15 years, I have been actively working on servicing and maintaining yachts and in parallel as a court sworn expert and appraiser. I also gained memberships in a couple of recognized institutions (IIMS, IDA, CRS) as well as several specializations across Europe.”

With the multitude of various qualifications and specialising we’re excited to have his skills apart of the membership and with that we ask him what his YDSA Membership means:

“Membership in YDSA is one of the goals that give extra weight to my knowledge and experience in working with yachts. I expect additional learning and acquisition of new levels of knowledge and monitoring of world ships standards. I see my career within the organization as an active member and the near future and as a lecturer in the field of naval engineering where I spent my whole life during which I gained great work experience.”

If you’re also like Petar where you would like to acquire more knowledge and training, please visit our courses and events page to keep up to date with the latest Including our set of Spring Webinars!


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