Published: 19 October 18

You must have seen in the media over the past months references to artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI is entering the justice system. The term, in computer science, relates to the creation of intelligent computers that work and react like human beings including speech recognition and learning.

AI has now taken over some human tasks and is transforming how businesses operate. Could AI replace expert witness work?

This year’s expert witness conference includes a session that will look at the impact of AI in litigation and specifically on the role of an expert. It will cover:

  • The current use of AI and what the future may look like.
  • The growing trend to use predictive coding in litigation. This is the use of keyword searching, filtering and sampling to automate part of the e-discovery document review to reduce the number of irrelevant documents that need to be reviewed manually.
  • Could experts use predictive coding themselves?
  • Is there a future in which predictive coding may replace much of the work currently done by experts?
  • How is it that experts can work best with lawyers using AI?

This interesting and insightful session will be led by Oliver Glynn-Jones, partner at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP. International law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP), now merged with Bryan Cave LLP, has been driving innovation across the legal sector. It was the first law firm to sign up to the Applied Cognitive Engine (ACE) programme which boasts the capability to automatically read, extract and summarise information held within documents.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn how AI is transforming the justice system and how it may impact your expert witness work.

This year’s conference will take place on Friday 9 November in Westminster. This is the UK’s largest annual gathering of expert witnesses. Lord Justice Andrew McFarlane, Lord Justice of Appeal will be the keynote speaker. He has been at the Court of Appeal since 2011 and this year has been appointed as the President of the Family Division on the retirement of Sir James Munby.

To view the full programme click here.

This conference will provide you with a unique opportunity to hear from high profile speakers about the key trends and issues that affect you as an expert witness.



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