Published: 19 October 18

The summer is relatively quiet for coding with vessels being in use rather than preparing for charter.

The CA Training Day at Southampton Football Ground on 19 September had some 65 people in attendance and covering all the UK Certifying Authorities. For the introduction I was asked: “What does the duty surveyor do?”

There are two parts: checking applications for coding and answering coding questions. The MCA places its trust in the CA and the YDSA CA committee has to trust its surveyors.

The SCV2s are checked for completeness and integrity, and the same applies to stability issues. There are occasions when a boat changes surveyor and issues arise such as: “how did Surveyor A accept that?” The duty surveyor is scrutineering the submitted papers without sight of the vessel but will have knowledge of the type.

We rely on the judgement and experience of the attending surveyor, so when submitting a vessel think about supplying supporting information that paints an auditable, clear picture of the vessel. Technical questions are exactly that and if an answer cannot be given it will be referred to me/the committee and again if no answer can be found, it will be referred to the MCA.

Do not skimp on depth of surveys on renewals - be safe, be auditable.

Other items covered during the Training Day included Cranes and other deck installations and the issues surrounding these for surveyors; a Stability presentation from Jonathan Ridley from Warsash School of Maritime Engineering; there is flux ahead with changes to MLC, as reported by Julie Carlton, MCA and new MGNs on the way. SAN 93 has raised a number of questions as to the depth of survey required for a late inspection. The IPV Code was expounded by Ian Lardner, MCA.

BREXIT continues to raise its head for overseas boats – with no answers in sight.

Cranes, A-Frames, Davits
Cranes, A-Frames, Davits, etc – some pointers on what a coding surveyor needs to look for – installation, operational capacity, suitability for the job, stability issues, valid certificates (from left) Ian Anderson and Richard Rapp, both MYDSA.

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