ABYA / YDSA CPD Portal Launched!

Published: 01 February 22

This means you now have exclusive access to your own individualised Portal to upload your CPD, including all relevant forms & documents. 

How to set up your CPD Portal

We have previously asked you to provide an email address you want to use for CPD and the Members Area. This email will now be your username for the Members Area.

When we turn on your access, you’ll receive the below email asking you to ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT and set your own password.

You’ll be taken to the website to set your own password.


Forgotten your password

If you forget your password, go to the MEMBER LOGIN page and click on the link in the yellow bar below the login.
This will take you to a page where you enter the email you use to log in and you’ll receive an email explaining what you need to do next.

Viewing Your CPD Record

Once you're logged in, you’ll have access to the CPD menu. This is where you can see your CPD details. This includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Main email
  • Phone details
  • Total number of CPD points this period
  • Current Membership details

CPD/Event History

The CPD History shows any events the YBDSA has run along with any CPD/Events you’ve notified us of through the portal.
Creating a new CPD/Event
To notify us of a new CPD/Event and earn your CPD points, click on the button that hovers above your details labelled
Then simply fill in the details and click SUBMIT
It will take around 1 hour for your submissions to show in your CPD History.

CPD Category

Select between Training and Development.
Traditional CPD/Events is for Training.


Type in the name of the CPD/Event.
Example: Yacht and Small Craft Survey Course


Type in a brief description of the CPD/Event.
Example: Five weeks practical training in the skills and techniques needed to survey small craft.


Select the date of the CPD/Event.
If this was a multiple date event or course, enter the last day or the date of the assessment.

With assessment? (optional)

Tick if CPD/Event was assessed in some way, such as taking an exam at the end of the course.
The default is unticked meaning there was an assessment.

Browse (optional)

Use to upload a certificate of attendance or exam results if you have one.

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