Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

To encourage YDSA members to develop their knowledge and expertise, we operate a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system that requires members to gain a minimum of 15 points over a period of 3 years across a range of activities as part of their membership.

CPD points can be gained by attending training courses, seminars, forums, conferences and other events. Events organised by YDSA and by other organisations are valid if they assist the member in his or her professional career.

At least once a year Members will be provided with an update of their CPD points with a breakdown of qualifying courses and events that we know have been attended. Members let us know when they have attended external events they think would qualify so they can be assessed and added to their record.

Courses and Events

YDSA provides a range of courses and events throughout the year which also provide great networking opportunities. Examples include one-day visits to a factory or boatyard, practical training days and our annual London Conference.

Some of these events are for members only, while others are open to members and non-members alike. For these events members enjoy a discounted rate.

Please see the Courses & Events page for upcoming events.


When members believe they are ready to upgrade their membership to the next level grade, a further two examples of Full Condition Survey Reports should be submitted for assessment along with an upgrade application form and fee. The assessment process is similar to that of a new applicant with feedback provided to the member.

For those up-grading from Affiliate to Accredited member, there is an additional in-house examination to pass. This examination is held once a year, generally the first Tuesday in February, and can be taken remotely.

Continuous Professional Monitoring (CPM)

To ensure standards are maintained, YDSA members who have not been assessed by upgrading for a number of years are asked to provide a recent survey for assessment. The assessment process is similar to that of an applicant with feedback provided to the member.

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