Membership Application Pack

To start the application process please request a membership application pack by telephoning us or emailing us at the address below. You will receive an email with several documents attached, including an application form, a Sample Report Pack and some guidance on preparation of reports for submission.  It is not intended that you produce identical reports to the pack, but that you use these reports as guidance for the extent of information we are looking for in your reports.

As part of your application we require two examples of Full Condition Survey Reports against which we can assess your application if they are of the same material (e.g. FRP). If you wish to submit different materials, we need one report for each material (e.g. FRP, Steel and Wood).

Next Application and Assessment Dates

Complete applications, including application/upgrade forms, payment and reports for assessment, should be received in the office at least three weeks before a meeting.  Please check with the office for the date of the next meeting.

Any incomplete applications not received in the office by the submission date will not be considered at that meeting but will be held over to the following meeting.

Assessment of your Application

Your application is assessed by several YDSA committee members and you will be invited to attend an Assessment Panel (either in person or via Skype) to discuss your application and to ensure it is to the standard required for the requested level of membership. For example, the Affiliate grade is looking for evidence of technical knowledge which is expressed clearly with appropriate recommendations. For Accredited grade, relevant items should be well described, any consequences clearly explained and any work required is properly specified. Feedback will be provided via the office to the applicant and assessors often offer to talk through comments to help applicants further.

YDSA sets high standards as we believe it is important that members provide a competent and professional service to their clients. But given the complexity and differences of material types, equipment on board, etc., and that the assessments are looking for more than just a technical description of the problems, there is no set style as every surveyor will develop their own layout and style.

Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance

We require members at all grades of professional membership to hold appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance. This PI Insurance is to cover a minimum of £100,000 each and every claim or £250,000 aggregate and cover the work done by the YDSA member, and includes sufficient legal costs cover as well as boat value. Surveyors and designers should discuss their specific business with insurers so they have sufficient cover.

YDSA has a scheme with Winter & Co (Marine) who provide professional indemnity insurance for marine professionals and understand the cover needed by a surveyor or designer. Public Liability insurance is also required. Email, call 01255 831111 or take a look at their website.

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